Forcibly Inflammatory

The downward spiral of online media.

*I’m being passionate about the following topic, some claim this to be clickbait/inflammation and therefore ironic. It’s not, I’m not condemning passionate writing in this post, i’m condemning ‘news’ outlets misleading the public with inflammatory articles*

The Media, oh how the internet has changed them, Google defines them as:

” The main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively. “

I define them as slivering ‘like-leeches’, crawling around on their bellies among’st the filth they spew out hourly. Instead of our means of mass communication and the dispersal of information to the people, they’ve become crack whores sucking Facebook’s cock for the next like. Once reputable sources of enjoyable entertainment and engaging information have devolved into shivering wrecks of hyperbole. Beholden only to ad-revenue and likes, these sources have all but lost their journalistic integrity. They now scour the world for the next statement they can twist and contort to fit their ad agenda, leaving our social medias clogged with clickbait. 

This blog points out things or people of note, be it good or bad. So, this wouldn’t be an of-note post if I didn’t point out something. Without further ado, here comes our offender in question.


Vice now apparently warrants un-sticky marijuana resin as news.
VICE News now warrant’s non-sticky marijuana resin as news.

Vice, once a medium for fascinating documentary pieces and enthralling fly on the wall reporting, is now a convulsing mess of poorly executed Feminist and Weed ‘news’. Some might put this down to the demographic they serve, some might argue it’s what the ‘writers’ at Vice find interesting.

No, Vice now seemingly specializes in Weed and Feminism for one reason, it’s Inflammatory. 

As our dear friend Norton hear proclaims:

“VICE News is such garbage nowadays, that they can’t even write coherent lead in sentences for their vids. Good job.”

Norton, you’re absolutely right, Vice cannot write coherently, but alas, he has fallen into their trap. Vice write terrible, misleading lead sentences on purpose. They cover controversial topics not to be subversive, but to gain that which they covet the most: Likes, Comments, Engagement and Ad Revenue. They wanted Norton to get angry at them, because the more post engagement they have, the more they’re worth to advertisers. This means that the content of their posts is irrelevant, they might as well just look like this:

Vice doesn’t care about news. Vice cares about how many ads they can cram down your unsuspecting throat. Yum.

Did the article in question say anything we didn’t already know? Did it reveal groundbreaking scientific study proving that men are not biologically pre-disposed to have a higher muscle capacity that women? No, of course not. Here’s the crux of it.

“Women also have strength, and thinking about women as the weaker sex is wrong,”

This article was created with the sole purpose to get clicks, revenue and post engagement. If this doesn’t tell you that Vice is only in it for the money, perhaps their post tags will: ‘women, culture, politics, witchcraft, reproductive rights, gender, identity, lgbtq, sex, sexuality, vice, vice media, patriarchy, Books, Literature, book review, midrange editorial’ 

I’ve read the article and It has little to do with most of their meta-tags. So, why list them as tags? This brings us back to the title of this post: “Forcibly Inflammatory” Vice, among other networks (which I’ll be sure to talk about in the future), purposefully insight hate, argument, and anger to rake in as much money as the possibly can. They include these tags to attract more clicks, to encourage outrage, ultimately to gain more ad-revenue.

In conclusion, Vice is one of many networks writing for the sole purpose of monetary gain. They twist content to fit their narrative and manipulate audiences into generating them as much money as possible. Vice ‘News’ should remove their title because whilst they pump out inflammatory content and lie to their readers they should not be counted as such. Before you say ‘but they do sometimes post about the news’ I have a whole new post in mind to talk about what outlets now define as ‘reporting’, but more on that later.

Shame on you Vice, all we wanted were those pictures of Spiderman.


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