“Kill yourself”

A vindictive narcissist tried to make himself famous by belittling a hard working, genuine man. It worked.

*This story has been talked to death, I’m not writing about it in the hopes of jumping on the bandwagon. I’m not talking about it because I have a unique perspective on it, I’m posting about this because this story really struck a chord.*


Joeseph Hernandez was a security guard at this year’s VidCon. He was doing his job, dealing with hordes of fans and con-goers all day. When out of the blue, he was faced with Christian Burns, a small time Instagram model with a little over 12K followers. The ‘model’ wanted entry into the building, Joe, just doing his job, didn’t allow him inside.


“You’re not famous, you’re irrelevant, you’re ugly.”

Christian threw several pretty vapid insults at Joe whilst he remained undeterred and laughed them off. At the time, Christian had about 12-14K followers on Twitter and Instagram.

“Y’all aren’t famous, Kill yourself.”

The nature of Christian’s attack is pretty telling. Christian soley focuses on how much money Joe earns and how he isn’t ‘famous’. He believes he is above everyone around him, his over inflated ego leading him to believe twelve thousand followers on Instagram counts as ‘fame’. His infallible sense of self-righteousness convinced him that he had the right to speak to another human being in this way.

“You’re disgusting, Kill yourself. You’re a peasant.”

These are not the words of a healthy person. I don’t want to believe this is the mindset of a sane human being. It would set my mind at rest to suggest that he has been spoiled his whole life and made to believe the world owes him something.  It makes me more comfortable to think that now, he will always be famous for being a disgusting human being. That his actions will have consequences, and that he will be unable to succeed in any endeavor.

“Dude, I’m famous and you’re not.”

Knowing the nature of the internet, this probably isn’t true. He’ll probably still have thousands of adoring fans that can’t see past his cheekbones and therefore he shall remain in an echo chamber. His enormous ego bouncing off the walls until he can’t see anything but himself. With realityTV and social media stars like Jake Paul and his Jake Paulers (seriously), there is now an ever increasing demand for vapid, sociopathic, soulless husks like Christian. I hope this is the last we ever hear of him, but I doubt this will be the case. Sadly, after this event, he has half a million followers on Instagram, over 4 times the community managed to raise for Joe.c6d9933408131679343d5437c20d8c58


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