Ode to h3h3

Ethan and Hila Klien, the Youtube crime fighting duo.

*this post is my personal opinion on two great youtubers whom I admire greatly. This is not a critical piece, if you’re expecting balance or unbaiased text this is not the right post for you*

“Papa bless”

By Vic Harris 

Some know him as the leader of the Vape Nation, some know him as the Fupa King, others know him as Ethan Klien.

Ethan is the main presenter of h3h3; and a stalwart defender of content integrity. Over the years, Ethan has called out many creators for their outlandish behaviour. Most notably, he spearheaded the ‘CSGOLoto’ fiasco in which he outed Tmartn and Tom Syndicate for not disclosing their connections with the gambling site. They were found to be rigging games and winning hundreds of dollars worth of CSGO skins on Youtube videos, all whislt being CEO’s of the website. The two ‘creators’ recoiled from the public eye with a half hearted ‘apology’. 

I personally hold Ethan & h3h3 in high regard, his sense of morality often so acutley coinsicdes with my own that I find it hard to criticse him in any way. The time and dedication Ethan puts into h3h3 shines through in every video, and although he has not always gotten it right, he never fails to entertain millions. I can’t thank him and Hila enough for all the holes they’ve gotten me out of, his comedy has gotten me out of places I would of struggled to leave on my own.

“Whaddup Hila-Klieners?!”

By Hila Klien

Behind every great man is their full time carer.

Hila is someone with clear artistic skill, and without doubt an intergral part of h3h3 productions. Her contributions to Youtube alongside Ethan will always leave a mark on the community. It’s not often that multi-million subscribed channels are actually ran by talented people, mostly it’s people like fousey-tube manipulating their young fan base to generate ad-revenue. Hila is an exception to the rule, Im constantly blown away by her oddly understated art that can be found here. Sadly, most of her work is snapped up before I even know it’s out, but her prints are always availble here.

Hila’s reserved contributions to the videos leave alot of fans wanting more, I personally am thrilled with her spot on the new h3h3 podcast, in which we get to listen to both Ethan and Hila talk about topics we all care about on a weekly basis, for two hours! Hila’s quiet nature makes for a refreshing contrast to Ethan’s bold humour and accents every video in a way that Ethan couldn’t achieve alone. 

“In conclusion”

By Perin

The Fanbase is truly lucky to have talented indviduals such as these entertaining us for free. They may not have always gotten it right (see: WSJ Acusations) but they will always hold a special place in many people’s lives. Personally, I’d like to thank h3h3 for the countless laughs and the many im sure to have in the future. I’d like to thank them for all the people they help and just for all the goofy shit they do.

Great moves Ethan, keep it up.

*Featured red ethan image by @srescuerzo

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